Daytrip: Safety and Training Program

DAYTRIP, INC. safety & training program

In adherence with the CPUC Decision 13-09-045, Daytrip US provides to all its Driver-partners a safety & training program prior to being able to provide any transportation service on behalf of DAYTRIP, INC.


  1. Driver-partner requirements
  2. Trip planning
  3. Behavior and professionalism
  4. Safety
  5. Advice


Driver-partner requirements

All persons willing to provide service in cooperation with Daytrip must respect the following requirements:

  • 21 years old -at least-
  • Driver's license
  • 1 year of driving record -at least-
  • Clear driving record check
  • Clear criminal record check

Trip planning

Be on time!

Prior to a day trip every Daytrip Driver-partner must well know the trip's schedule and itinerary by verifying:

  • pick-up date and time
  • pick-up and drop-off address/location specifics
  • route/s and stops
  • customers' special requirements (handicap, pets, equipment etc…)

All drivers must ensure that their vehicle's maintenance and cleanliness are in perfect condition and that the company's trade dress is correctly positioned and visible on the front and rear windshields.

Behavior and professionalism

Daytrip's philosophy is: “treat your customers as if they were your friends or family”. Please be friendly, kind and welcoming with Daytrip users, however do not forget your professionalism!

Daytrip Driver-partners are requested to “meet & greet” the passengers and assist them with carrying their luggage.

Please respect users' privacy and confidentiality. Pay attention to self-disclosure (i.e. the information that a driver reveals to a passenger).


Ensure to abide by the Federal and State Road and Traffic laws.

No driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or in any other state of alteration according to Daytrip's Zero Tolerance policy declaration.

No Daytrip driver is allowed to speak on the phone while driving! Hands free calls via earphones or vehicle “loud-voice” systems are allowed in case of an emergency or urgent matters after informing and excusing yourself with the customers.

Drive carefully by reducing speed and avoiding unpleasant and unnecessary acceleration or braking; avoid sharp turns.

Abide by the State and local regulations that may enforce limits on the number of hours drivers may provide transportation services.

No Daytrip driver must transport unaccompanied minors.


Be reachable by Daytrip in case needed. In case of a doubt not answered via the Daytrip Drivers' Forum, please contact Driver Support before taking an uncertain decision.

Diligently verify airport, port and station pick-up and drop-off rules and regulations for TNC Driver-partners prior to a trip.

Deliver the best experience that you can.
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