Daytrip: Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Intoxicating Substance Policy Declaration

As a TNC company - DAYTRIP, INC. - enforces all Driver-Partners to follow and respect the policies of its Zero Tolerance Intoxicating Substance Policy Declaration in order to guarantee a safe trip to all users


  1. How to report a driver under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any state of alteration
  2. TNC investigation
  3. Commission's Consumer Intake Unit


Zero Tolerance Policy

Every Driver-Partner who uses the Daytrip Digital web platform has the responsibility to drive safely and abide by the established State rules of the road. DAYTRIP, INC. has a zero-tolerance policy for the use of alcohol or drugs by drivers partnering with Daytrip. If Daytrip receives reports of suspected impaired driving, the driver may lose access to their account as stated in the Cooperation Agreement.
The Zero Tolerance policy is reported on the company's website and on the user's/customer's voucher trip or receipt.

1. How to report a driver under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any state of alteration

A driver by law may not drive while using alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that impairs their ability to safely operate a vehicle. That includes having open containers of alcohol or drugs in a vehicle while providing a Daytrip service.

A report of suspected impaired driving includes a report from any person that explicitly alleges that the driver was using, in possession of, or appeared to be impaired by drugs or alcohol, or that the vehicle smelled like alcohol or drugs.

If a Daytrip user/customer suspects that a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he/she must ask the driver to end the trip immediately and call the Police authorities by dialing 911 or the local Daytrip emergency assistance line if necessary. The Daytrip emergency assistance line is:
Tel:+16282019501 - available 24/7.

In case of solving impaired driving inconveniences through local authorities called by 911 services or having post-trip suspicion about a driver's alteration, please report to:

2. TNC Investigation

A report from any person who reasonably suspects the driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while providing transportation services, will lead to immediate loss of access to the Daytrip digital platform while further investigation is conducted. DAYTRIP, INC. undergoes a critical and objective investigation to find out whether a report is trustworthy by analyzing the proofs collected from the customer, Daytrip driver tracking tool, police explanatory statement (if available) and other tools of proof. If investigation finds sufficient evidence that a driver violated this policy, the Driver-partner will permanently have their Cooperation Agreement declined.

Our teams proactively review each report for signs that it might be fraudulent. We are continually implementing new processes to identify and discourage user fraud. Any report that appears to be false would not affect a driver's safety history or their status on the Daytrip platform. Users who submit false information or are engaged in fraudulent activity violate Daytrip's Guidelines and risk losing access to the services offered.

Daytrip annually reports all zero tolerance related-infractions committed by its Driver-partners and files it to the CPUC as per set rules and regulations.

3. Commission’s Consumer Intake Unit

Consumer Intake Unit Emergency phone line: +1-800-894-9444 and Consumer Intake Unit Emergency email:

For compliments and complaints, please call 311
+1 6282019501

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