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This Cookies Policy applies to the use of websites operated by DAYTRIP EUROPE LTD, 3 Gower Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1E 6HA, operating in Czechia through its registered branch DAYTRIP EUROPE Ltd - odštěpný závod, Id. No. 06160531, Běhounská 5/18, Brno-město, 602 00 Brno, Czechia ("Daytrip" or "we"). You can contact Daytrip at or reach us at our registered address.


Daytrip and third parties identified below, may use cookies, local storage, and other storage technologies (“Cookies”) to store or collect information in or from your browser or or device and use that information for the following purposes:

(A) To allow us to provide you with Booking Services as defined in Terms of Use of Daytrip. We don’t need your consent for such use of these so-called Essential Cookies, as we need these to operate our website and to provide you with the Bookings Services. This is processing necessary for the performance of a contract between you and Daytrip and processing prior to entering into such contract at your request.

(B) To analyze and improve the performance of our website and marketing. We only use such so-called Non-Essential Cookies if you allow us to do so. You can withdraw your consent at your will via the cookies setting available from this Cookies Policy.

Cookies as Personal Data

To the extent the Cookies and related information may qualify as personal data, please refer also to our Privacy Policy to see your rights and additional information about the processing. Specifically for Cookies as personal data, the purpose and legal ground is defined above separately for Essential Cookies and Non-Essential Cookies.

Third Parties’ Policies

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