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Private car transfer
from Negril to Montego Bay

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Your driver will meet you at your address in Negril.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage


You’ll travel in comfort for 1 h 30 min.

  • Optional sight-seeing
  • Clean, comfortable car
  • Professional driver
  • Bottled water
  • Child seats
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  • Smoke-free
  • Pet friendly


Your driver will drop you off at your address in Montego Bay.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage
In total
  • 81 km
  • 1 h 30 min

Visit these sights on the way

Overview: car trip from Negril to Montego Bay

On the Negril to Montego Bay transfer, you will drive alongside lush tropical trees set against Jamaica’s sparkling coastline, and weave through vibrantly colored villages that offer a glimpse into parts of the country you might otherwise overlook.

A Daytrip private transfer will get you door-to-door in just 90 minutes while offering you the option of adding sightseeing stops along the way to make the most of your journey. You can immerse yourself into the Jamaican jungle with an adventurous river walk to the thundering series of cascades at Mayfield Falls, or learn more about traditional rum making (and even possibly enjoy a sample or two) at the Hampden Sugar Estate. Taking a private car transfer with Daytrip gives you the simplest, most stress-free transfer between Negril to Montego Bay, and allows you to make the most of these pockets of Western Jamaica that you might not have thought to explore.

About Montego Bay

After your trip from Negril, Montego Bay offers a vivacious tropical getaway with sparkling white sand beaches and clear blue waters. Known for its lively nightlife, incredible beaches, and watersports. Montego Bay is a bustling stop for cruise ships and is popular among vacationers from all over the world.

Montego Bay combines elements of Western Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage with a more contemporary appeal. The cultural center on Sam Sharpe Square offers visitors insight into the country’s storied history, while spots such as the main “Hip Strip” draw in crowds with their walkability and abundance of bars, shops, and restaurants serving classics like Jerk chicken or pork. Meanwhile, the natural splendor of this northwestern coastal paradise is some of the most remarkable in the world. Sites like Doctor’s Cave Beach are thought in traditional folklore to hold healing properties and boast unmatched cave diving, and snorkeling, as well as simple luxuriation in the crystalline waters and powdery pink-white sand. For those seeking a slower pace of life on the water, with no swimming required, Montego Bay hosts guided river tours in places such as the Martha Brae River, allowing you to float along on a bamboo raft, listening to the jungle birdsong and soaking up the sun. Your time here can be as relaxing or as high adventure as you like. There is a wide range of watersports available to try, as well as jungle trekking with professional guides, but these are matched in number by shopping opportunities, plenty of relaxing beaches, and a tantalizingly diverse cuisine to choose from.

From Negril to Montego Bay: travel tips

As you make your way from Negril to Montego Bay, there are a few ways to make your journey as safe, calm, and enjoyable as possible. For starters, it is a great idea to make the trip with a private car transfer such as the one offered by Daytrip. This door-to-door service grants you a seamless booking experience and a comfortable journey, ensuring you get safely to your destination in no time.

### Talk with your driver On your private driving transfer, you should feel comfortable communicating any preferences to your friendly, English-speaking driver, as they are there to make sure you have the best trip possible. Feel free to communicate everything from requests about your sightseeing stops to the basics like air conditioning adjustments, or even just chatting to gain some local insight about the area or tips on things to do in Jamaica! ### Experience more of Jamaica If you want to elevate your Negril to Montego Bay transfer experience, especially given the fairly short distance between the cities, it is a great idea to choose a sightseeing stop or two along the way. In addition to stops at places like the Hampden Sugar Estate, you can gain a powerful glimpse into parts of Jamaican history and learn from the passionate guides at the Greenwood Great House.

How to get from Negril to Montego Bay

There are a few options for a safe transfer from Negril to Montego Bay, including public transit and private transportation. The various routes are listed in order of traveler’s convenience:

Private car transfer from Negril to Montego Bay

The easiest and often fastest way to get between Negril and Montego Bay is to opt for a private driving transfer, particularly given how close together these destinations are. Choosing this option with a Daytrip driver takes just 90 minutes and includes door-to-door service from your accommodation in Negril to your accommodation (or the airport, depending on your route) in Montego Bay. The price is also hard to beat, starting at $25 per rider!

Taxi from Negril to Montego Bay

There are a few taxi companies that run along the 47-mile (75.6 km) distance between Negril and Montego Bay, and the drive time is about the same at 90 minutes. Keep in mind that quotes for this route hover around $100-130.

Bus from Negril to Montego Bay

There is a public bus route between Negril and Montego Bay, which is your cheapest option with tickets starting at $3. The ride is about 90 minutes but will feel longer as you're packed into a hot and crowded coach. Obviously, the bus will only get you from A to B, so you'll miss out on local experiences unless you arrange something after you get to Montego Bay.

Airport shuttle from Negril to Montego Bay Airport

There is a shuttle bus from Negril that goes to the popular Montego Bay Airport, and tickets cost between $25 and $55. Importantly, however, this shuttle (operated by Knutsford Express Ltd) offers only one departure time per day, regardless of departure time for flights!

Transportation options from Negril to Montego Bay at a glance

* Private car transfer: 90 minutes | Direct | $25 per passenger | Offers sightseeing

* Taxi: 90 minutes | Direct | $100-130 | No sightseeing

* Bus: 90 minutes | Direct | $3 | No sightseeing

* Airport shuttle: 90 minutes | Leaves only ONCE per day | $25-55 | No sightseeing

Things to do when you get to Montego Bay

Once you’ve arrived in Montego Bay after your transfer from Negril, you are spoiled for choice of adventurous activities, authentic Jamaican food, and beautiful scenery to relax amongst. This popular port city is renowned for its beautiful beaches, laid-back lifestyle, as well as its particularly energetic nightlife, depending on the pace of life you want to adopt during your trip.

### Visit Doctor’s Cave Beach This is a paid-entry beach club, well worth the admission cost. The pristine, warm sand and clear, calm waters offer dazzling snorkeling around the thriving reef and peaceful swimming, as well as plenty of space to lounge in the sun. There is rich folklore surrounding the area that claims the waters offer a natural source of healing (hence the name), which may be part of its mystical draw. Restaurants serving traditional fare and bars are available once in the club area. ### Cruise on a catamaran around the bay See Montego Bay by water with one of the popular boat tours. Some offer stops at the famous “Margaritaville” or snorkeling opportunities throughout the cruise. This is an ultra-relaxing way to take in the beauty of the Jamaican coastline while listening to reggae favorites. ### Raft down the Martha Brae River This raft ride is one of the most popular activities for travelers to Jamaica, as it offers a unique chance to be expertly guided through peaceful, stunning jungle scenery while learning about the story of “Martha Brae.” Spend an hour drifting along on a bamboo raft, being poled along by your guide, and stop along the way for clay massages or a drink at the riverside rum bars. ### Jump into the “Blue Hole” at Island Gully Falls This 20-foot cascade tumbles into shockingly blue water, and is accompanied by a wooden platform set into the side of the mountain that allows visitors to jump safely into the crystal clear depths below. There is also a rope swing further up the river that allows a jump into the water from a slightly less intimidating height.

When is the best time to visit Montego Bay?

As you plan your journey from Negril to Montego Bay, it is important to keep in mind that the peak travel periods may not be the right choice for your trip depending on your priorities.

Many people will recommend visiting Jamaica in the winter or spring when the weather is less swelteringly hot but still warm and calm. But if you want to visit outside of peak tourism months, consider a trip during the shoulder season from March to May. You will still beat the hottest weather while avoiding the wet season too, and you might find that the most popular attractions are much less crowded and that your travels are a bit more affordable overall.

Questions & Answers about Traveling from Negril to Montego Bay

Montego Bay is a hot spot for visitors to Jamaica because of its pristine beaches, incredibly vibrant nightlife, diverse food, and opportunities for jungle exploration and outdoor adventures (think ziplining, wild swimming near waterfalls, and snorkeling.)
The taxi ride from Negril to Montego Bay typically takes about 90 minutes, but the fares can add up quickly and typically range from $100 to 150. For the same price or less, you can ride with Daytrip and enjoy our world-class service and sightseeing stops!
There is no airport in Negril, Jamaica. The closest option for any flights into the area is the Montego Bay Airport, which you can get to from Negril by using public buses, shuttles, or with a taxi or private car service.
Whether you take a taxi or a private car service, it will take on average 90 minutes to get from Negril to Montego Bay. This will of course change if you opt to do any sightseeing along the journey with a private transfer (which is highly recommended, as it lets you explore more of the country and witness fascinating sights you might otherwise overlook!)
Negril and Montego Bay are about 47 miles (75.6 km) apart from each other. It typically only takes about 90 minutes by car to cover the distance. There are two roads you can take; one along the coast, or one through the jungle.
A shuttle or bus from Negril to Montego Bay can cost between $3 for the public bus, and $25-55 for the once-daily shuttle that operates from Negril to the airport in Montego Bay. If you want to stop between Negril and Montego Bay for any sightseeing, private car transfer with Daytrip is your only option.

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