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from Bangkok to Pattaya

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Your driver will meet you at your address in Bangkok.

  • Door-to-door service
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You’ll travel in comfort for 1 h 50 min.

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Your driver will drop you off at your address in Pattaya.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage
In total
  • 149 km
  • 1 h 50 min

Visit these sights on the way

Overview: car trip from Bangkok to Pattaya

If you’re about to book your trip from Bangkok to Pattaya, the first thing to do is to prepare yourself for an absolute carnival of some of Thailand’s best views and religious sites. Your car trip spans across around 93 miles (150 km) and goes around the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Leaving the capital’s skyscrapers, streets filled with tuk-tuks and the traffic behind, the scenery will turn into a display of small buildings and local markets as you move along the highway.

Once you’re midway to Pattaya, that’s when the landscape around you turns absolutely green; lush fields, agricultural areas rich with long-leafed trees and plants and small villages looking as if they are a work of paint and brush. In the distance, the low-lying hills and small mountains will accompany you throughout the most of around two hours you’ll be traveling in the car.

And when it’s only a few miles left to Pattaya, you’ll catch glimpses of the Gulf of Thailand and the hotels, resorts and entertainment venues in the city’s outskirts will welcome you for Pattaya’s lively tourism.

About Pattaya

The eastern seaboard of Thailand is adorned with the famous city you’ll meet once you arrive from Bangkok to Pattaya. It’s hard to believe now, since it attracts thousands of people every year, but this city has grown from a quiet fishing village. The American servicemen’s discovery of Pattaya was what turned the city into its busy resort character today, whose economy is driven by tourism.

A wet and dry tropical climate will greet you with a kind of warmth that goes on all year-round; that’s why Pattaya is a favorite destination for relaxation and adventure any time you decide to visit. And in this favorite city, there is one favorite part every traveler gets fond of: it’s Pattaya’s beaches. The 2.4-mile (3.8-km) crescent-shaped beach named Pattaya Beach is like the core of the city pulling visitors to itself. The water sports, beachside activities, and lively atmosphere will entertain you for days on end. If you prefer a calmer time, you’ll always have Jomtien Beach within a short drive.

Beyond the beaches, there are so many one-of-a-kind places Pattaya is home to. The Sanctuary of Truth is an enormous wooden structure that stands as a testament to traditional Thai craftsmanship, filled with carved depictions of religious and philosophical themes. It’s an ongoing project that aims at building the entire museum without using a single nail. Its spiked edges sharp in every direction and layered roofs with endless details makes the sanctuary look like a living, breathing being.

All this and more Pattaya has in store for its guests every day. Its clear waters, tropical parks, religious sites, and so many more of the city you’ll get to explore will make your visit absolutely worthwhile.

From Bangkok to Pattaya: travel tips

It’s pretty easy and fun to get from Bangkok to Pattaya—especially if you are traveling with Daytrip. Just keep the tips below in mind, lean back, and enjoy!

Set off early in the morning

Traffic between Bangkok and Pattaya is quite dependent on the time of day and the day of the week. Leaving early in the morning, though, pretty much guarantees a less crowded journey on the road, especially if it’s the weekend or a holiday period. Late in the evening is a convenient time to leave as well but the museums or some of the sites you plan to visit might be closed by then.

Explore Thailand on the way

The route you’ll be traveling with Daytrip goes through some of the most significant religious sites and most magnificent temples Thailand is home to. Since Daytrip offers the utmost flexibility to explore as many places as your heart desires, add the places you’d like to see before booking the trip and enjoy the rest.

Ayutthaya, for example, is a stop you need to take at the beginning of the journey. After walking through the ruins of the city that used to be one of the world’s largest, continue to Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan and visit the famous Buddha statue it preserves. Then, make Nacha Sa Thai Chue Shrine your last visit before you arrive in Pattaya and carry the bright colors of the shrine with you for the rest of the trip.

How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya

Given the short distance between, traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya is quite an easy journey overall. Review your preferences and choose the best transportation option for you.

Bangkok to Pattaya by car

Driving from Bangkok to Pattaya is one of the quicker options compared to public transportation. It takes around two to three hours but can change according to traffic. The thing with driving is that it comes with several different costs in addition to the car rental. While fuel prices are around $13 to $21 (500 to 800 THB) for a round trip, tolls will cost somewhere between $3.05 to $4.64 (105 to 160 THB) each way. And renting a car, if you’re not driving your own, is typically $29.00 to $58.00 (1,000-2,000 THB) per day.

Bangkok to Pattaya by bus

The direct buses you can take from Bangkok to Pattaya are operated by several different services and you can catch one once every hour. From one main bus terminal to another, it takes either two and a half hours or three hours, which differs according to the bus service you choose. Since it’s a direct public transportation, it offers no flexibility for refreshment and exploration stops. Bus tickets start around $4 (141 THB).

Bangkok to Pattaya by train

Taking a train to Pattaya from Bangkok is also possible with direct connections. But the biggest downside is that there is only one train you can take every day. Although the train tickets are relatively cheap, the minimum daily frequency of the trains is not so convenient, plus, they are always very early in the morning. The duration of a train ride is also three hours and 40 minutes. A train ticket costs approximately $6 (219 THB).

Bangkok to Pattaya by plane

There are no direct flights from Bangkok to Pattaya, but it is possible to integrate flying to your travel. You would need to take a plane from Bangkok to U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya International Airport but the flights between these two airports are not so frequent. The flight would only take an hour but with getting from U-Tapao Rayong Pattaya airport to Pattaya, which is 24.5 miles (40 km), the total travel time can be up to five hours.

Bangkok to Pattaya by private car service

Instead of having to arrange everything according to the timetable of the public transport, or driving in foreign traffic rules, you can just enjoy a car ride from Bangkok to Pattaya without a single worry in your mind to cloud your travel. Just book your vehicle with Daytrip, add the places you’d like to stop by on the way, and then leave the rest to your Daytrip driver who will take you from door to door.

Have yourself a seamless journey that will help you enjoy Thailand more than any other way. You can book a seat in a comfortable sedan with two other people for just $22 (804 THB)

Things to do when you get to Pattaya

Pattaya buzzes in each of its corners with things to try, secret doors to step into, lively restaurants to dine at. But once you travel from Bangkok to Pattaya and have enjoyed the Pattaya Beach, the Walking Street and the Sanctuary of Truth enough, try these lesser known attractions for a deeper Pattaya experience.

Have a taste of luxury at Baan Sukhawadee Mansion

Baan Sukhawadee, also known as the "House of Sukhawadee," is a grand mansion and garden complex that stays hidden by many who visit Pattaya. Built by the owner of Saha Farms, one of Thailand’s largest poultry businesses, this opulent estate is a wonderful example of Thai architecture. Sea views, luxurious rooms of museum-worth decorations, and gardens that are perfectly taken care of are the three main things that will accompany you here. Definitely visit the interior for lots of colors and rich ornaments.

Take a trip to Naklua’s Fisherman's Village

The Naklua area stands out as quite different from the main beaches of Pattaya. The Fisherman’s Village is an unmatched dimension for getting to know more about the traditional Thai coastal life. Here, you’ll see fishermen at work, busy local markets, and enjoy fresh catches of the day at seafood restaurants. And if you are into photography, you’re in for a treat thanks to the rustic wooden houses and pretty sight of boats.

Dive into the underwater world at Samae San Island

Just 45 minutes from Pattaya lies an island of pure beauty. Samae San Island is part of the Thai navy’s conservation project and is less commercialized than other islands in the region. What the island has to offer can be described in one word: blue. The pristine beaches, crystal waters, and marine life make the most of the island.

You won’t want to leave without snorkeling or diving into the silent world underwater—it’s a must! The island also has strict environmental regulations to protect this natural beauty, so an eco-conscious traveler will thrive here. Keep in mind that access to Samae San Island is limited and often requires prior permission from the Thai Navy, but this only adds to its exclusivity.

When is the best time to visit Pattaya

Just like most of Thailand, Pattaya can be enjoyed throughout the year, but it depends on your preferences, of course. To start with, November to February is generally the best time to plan your trip from Bangkok to Pattaya. The weather’s perfect—sunny with hardly any rain, and ideal for chilling on the beach. Temperatures hover around 70-77°F (21-25°C), and there are loads of events and festivals going on. Plus, you’ll find plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from.

March to May is also a good time to visit. It’s warm and a bit humid, which is great for water sports and hanging out at the beach. The temperature ranges from 77-95°F (25-35°C). Another plus is that you can score some pretty good deals on accommodations and travel packages.

June to October is the off-season. Expect more rain and the occasional thunderstorm, but the scenery gets super lush and green. Outdoor activities might be limited, but the temperatures stay around 75-87°F (24-31°C). If you’re looking to save some cash, this is the time to go since hotels and resorts are cheaper.

Questions & Answers about Traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya

A taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya generally costs between $45 to $75 (1,500 to 2,500 THB). The cost can change depending on the time of day, traffic conditions, and any additional services you request. Better agree on the cost beforehand or make sure the meter is used.
You can travel from Bangkok to Pattaya by driving, bus, train, or a private car service like Daytrip. The most convenient option is to plan your way to Pattaya with Daytrip. The car trip takes around two hours and gives you the utmost freedom to explore—therefore the ultimate fun as well.
There are no direct boat services from Bangkok to Pattaya due to the lack of navigable waterways connecting the two cities. But you can enjoy boat trips and ferry services from Pattaya to nearby islands such as Koh Larn, which is a scenic and relaxing time on the water.
Pattaya’s popularity is mainly thanks to its very lively nightlife, and bright blue beaches. It also has a wide range of activities, from water sports and shopping to cultural experiences and entertainment. Its close distance to Bangkok makes it an accessible destination for both Thai and foreign travelers.
One day in Pattaya can give you only a glimpse of its highlights, such as Pattaya Beach, Walking Street, and the Sanctuary of Truth. But to fully experience the city’s vibes, including nearby islands, spend at least two to three days to see and experience more of Pattaya.
November to February is the best time to visit Pattaya. During these months, the weather is enjoyable with minimal rainfall, perfect for walking, exploring outdoors, and chilling by the beach. Temperatures range from 70-77°F (21-25°C), and the city becomes home to many events and festivals.

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