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Private car transfer
from Sorrento to Positano

  • Door-to-door in 50 min
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Your driver will meet you at your address in Sorrento.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage


You’ll travel in comfort for 50 min.

  • Optional sight-seeing
  • Clean, comfortable car
  • Professional driver
  • Bottled water
  • Child seats
  • Prepared for handicapped
  • Smoke-free
  • Pet friendly


Your driver will drop you off at your address in Positano.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage
In total
  • 19 km
  • 50 min

Visit these sights on the way

Car trip from Sorrento to Positano

The car trip from Sorrento to Positano follows the Amalfi Coast Drive, which runs from Sorrento to Vietri sul Mare, near Salerno. It’s one of the world’s most famous drives, hugging the steep cliffs of the UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast above the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean. Every twist and turn reveals stunning natural vistas and charming, pastel-painted villages at every turn.

As one of the most popular car trips in Italy, the 10-mile (16km) route from Sorrento to Positano can take over an hour during the high season. This sometimes-slow-going gives you an excuse to visit the roadside stands serving up limoncello and other local treats, secret beaches, and lesser-known towns along the way.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the local government has limited the number of rental cars that can enter the Amalfi Coast by creating a schedule based on license plate number. If you don’t want your stay in Positano limited by when you can enter and leave, it’s worth looking into a taxi, or even better, a car service like Daytrip for your transportation, which will bring you door-to-door from Sorrento to Positano (or even from Rome or Naples to Positano) and allow you to stop for sightseeing.

About Positano

Positano is not merely a destination; it's a vibrant tableau painted with the lush colors of the Amalfi Coast. This cliffside village, with its steeply-stacked houses in a kaleidoscope of pastel pink, peach, and terracotta, cascades down to the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. A jewel of Italy, Positano is an emblem of Mediterranean beauty and has captivated the hearts of travelers and dreamers for centuries.

The magic of Positano lies in its ability to blend cultural richness with natural beauty. Wander through the maze of alleyways and discover artisanal boutiques, cafes, and terraces that offer resplendent views of the sea. The air, infused with the scent of lemon and saltwater, invites you to slow down and savor the flavors of local cuisine. Seafood is a staple here, best enjoyed with a glass of limoncello made from the lemons of nearby groves.

Positano's history whispers from every corner, from its origins as a maritime power to its current status as a haven for artists and celebrities. At its heart stands the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its iconic majolica-tiled dome—a testament to the town's historical and spiritual depth.

For the adventurous, Positano serves as the starting point for the famed Sentiero degli Dei, or “Path of the Gods”, a hiking trail that offers breathtaking vistas at every step. Meanwhile, the beach calls to those seeking relaxation, with its warm sands and clear waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

As the day wanes, Positano transforms. The setting sun drapes the town in golden light, and the gentle hum of nightlife begins. Whether you seek the romance of a candlelit dinner or the buzz of a beachside bar, Positano offers a slice of Italian paradise that lingers in the soul long after the journey home. This is Positano—a place where beauty, history, and pleasure intermingle to create a destination unlike any other.

From Sorrento to Positano: Travel tips

A trip from Sorrento to Positano is one of the highlights of any visit to Italy. Make sure to follow these travel tips to make sure you have the best experience.

Plan for delays

The distance from Sorrento to Positano is just 10 miles (16km), but the narrow, winding roads necessitate caution. And congestion, especially during the high season, can bring traffic to a crawl.

Decide how you want to travel

You have a few transportations options on how to get from Sorrento to Positano, but because of the popularity, you’ll want to plan in advance. The bus is quite cheap, but often sold out. You can opt for a ferry or hydrofoil for some great views of the Amalfi coast from the water. Or take a car, which will let you explore at your own pace.

Have your camera ready

As you follow one of the world’s most scenic drives, photo ops abound. Make sure you (or a passenger) has a camera ready so you don’t miss a thing.

If going by car, have cash to stop for treats

Homemade limoncello, souvenirs, and family-run ristorantes beckon from the side of the road. It can be hard to resist their call, so make sure you have some cash on hand in case you decide to stop.

How to get from Sorrento to Positano

You have a few travel options to make the 10 mile (16km) trip from Sorrento to Positano, and deciding how to get there depends on your travel preferences.

From Sorrento to Positano by car

Traveling from Sorreno to Positano by car is fairly straightforward. Make your way to the start SS163 / Via Meta-Amalfi where it starts in Sorrento, and basically follow that until the turn-off for Positano. If you don’t want to navigate the narrow road yourself, Daytrip can bring you door-to-door. You will be picked up at your accommodation and the driver will take care of your luggage. No crowded buses or sea sickness! And unlike a normal taxi, you can even stop for sightseeing, which makes this the best way to travel from Sorrento to Positano!

From Sorrento to Positano by bus

Sita bus company runs from Sorrento Railway Station along the coast, all the way to Amalfi with stops in Positano and Praiano. The bus runs daily, in the peak season leaving every 30 minutes from 6:30 AM until 7:30 PM and takes about 45 minutes, give or take. Tickets cost between 10 and 12 EUR and can be purchased at local cigarette shops, newspaper stands, or the Circumvesuviana station. However, a ticket doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a seat as these buses are often extremely sold out.

From Sorrento to Positano by hydrofoil/ferry

If you’re traveling in the high season, there are ferries from Sorrento to Positano, which will set you back about 20 EUR. You can buy your ticket at the ticket office of the Sorrento port, or you can book tickets online to avoid long lines and waiting times.

Things to Do When You Get to Positano

Upon arriving in Positano, the array of activities and sights can turn your stay into an unforgettable experience no matter how long you’re here for. This vertical town boasts a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and leisure activities to suit any traveler's taste.

Begin with a stroll through Positano's charming streets, where the vibrant architecture serves as a magical backdrop for the bustling market stalls and elegant boutiques. Here, you can shop for the town's famous linen dresses and handmade leather sandals - perfect attire for the warm climate and steep walkways.

No visit to Positano is complete without spending time on its iconic beaches. The main beach, Spiaggia Grande, is a picturesque spot to relax and watch the boats glide across the water. For a quieter experience, the more secluded Fornillo Beach is just a short walk away. Both offer sun loungers and umbrellas for hire, alongside beachfront cafes and restaurants where you can indulge in fresh seafood and local wines.

Take to the waters with a boat tour to explore the rugged coastline, discover hidden coves, or even journey to nearby islands such as Capri. These excursions provide a different perspective of Positano and are perfect outings if you want to combine adventure with stunning scenery.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate Positano's art galleries and the Roman Archaeological Museum, which houses artifacts from the ancient Roman villa buried beneath the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. The church itself is a must-see, with its beautiful dome and historic significance to the town.

For a panoramic view of Positano and the coast, hike the Sentiero degli Dei, or “Path of the Gods”. The trailhead is accessible via local bus, and the hike offers some of the most breathtaking vistas in the region. Ensure you have comfortable shoes, water, and your camera ready for this adventure.

As the day transitions to evening, Positano's vibrant nightlife begins to emerge. Enjoy a sunset dinner at a cliffside restaurant, savoring the local cuisine against the backdrop of a dusky sky. Later, the town's bars and open-air lounges offer the perfect setting to sip cocktails and mingle with both locals and fellow travelers.

Positano's blend of natural splendors, culinary delights, and artisanal shopping creates a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether you seek relaxation, cultural immersion, or natural exploration, Positano promises a trove of treasures waiting to be discovered.

Questions & Answers about Traveling from Sorrento to Positano

The best way to travel from Sorrento to Positano is by car service. It offers a seamless door-to-door experience, freedom to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, and the comfort of traveling at your own pace.
The trip from Sorrento to Positano is about 10 miles (16km).
Driving takes about 30 minutes if there’s no traffic. During the high season, or on the bus which stops along the coast, the trip can take much longer.
The Sita bus is the cheapest option, with tickets costing from 10 to 12 Euros. If you were planning on traveling from Naples to Sorrento first, you can skip that leg by taking a shared shuttle from Naples to Positano with Daytrip for as low as 20 Euros per person.
No. If you took the train from Naples, once you reach Sorrento, you’ll need to either take the bus, ferry, or a car to Positano.
That depends on your travel preferences. During the high season, buses and ferries are crowded or even sold out. The roads are also often congested, which makes driving yourself stressful - and there are limits on when rental cars can enter the Amalfi Coast. The best option is a ride with Daytrip. You get the comfort and convenience of a private car, without having to worry about actually driving.
Traveling early in the morning or later in the afternoon can help you avoid traffic and enjoy the journey with fewer crowds. Also, don't forget to carry water, sunscreen, and a camera to capture the stunning views.

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