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  • 658 km
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Visit these sights on the way

Overview: Car trip from Lisbon to Gibraltar

Have you ever taken a car trip through Portugal and Spain to end up in a British Overseas Territory? Well, on your ride from Lisbon to Gibraltar, that’s exactly what you’ll get. The 435-mile (700 km) journey takes around seven hours, or possibly even longer with the amazing stops you’ll take! Get ready for a sun-kissed journey full of views over the Alentejo region, Andalusian landscapes, and the Costa del Sol before reaching the border of Gibraltar.

Passing through two different countries, you have plenty of chances to stop and explore along the way. Start at Bacalhoa Winery, or Palmela in the heart of Portugal’s wine country, for a tasty break with the views from the Moorish castle. Then continue to UNESCO-listed Evora to discover the historical side of Portugal, and walk through centuries of magnificent architecture. Lastly, stop by Arcos de la Frontera for a mesmerizing view of the bright white houses climbing a steep hill.

About Gibraltar

After a nice car trip from Lisbon to Gibraltar, you'll reach British lands without having to fly north. Here, you’ll enjoy a Mediterranean climate; mild and wet if you visit during the winter, warm and dry in summer. This coastal city of blues and whites is located on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, where the Bay of Gibraltar and the Strait of Gibraltar wash against the city's beaches. Its unique location guarding the entrance to the Mediterranean and as a crossroads between Europe and Africa has made it historically significant for centuries.

The Rock of Gibraltar dominates the city as the limestone promontory looms 426 meters (1,398 ft) above the sea. Half of the rock is a nature reserve protecting the famous Barbary macaques. Burrowed into the limestone, the Siege Tunnels turned this outcropping into an indomitable fortress.

The diverse population of Gibraltar makes it a perfect cultural melting pot. Aside from Gibraltarians, you’ll meet lots of British, Moroccan, Indian, and Spanish inhabitants. This mixture of cultures has filled Gibraltar with diverse architecture and even more diverse cuisine.

From Lisbon to Gibraltar: Travel tips

Traveling from Lisbon to Gibraltar is nothing but a comfy road trip when you travel with Daytrip. Though your driver will attend to all the details concerning the journey, there are still some tips you can make sure all goes smoothly as well. Take a look!

Timing is the key

Start early to make the most of the scenic drive. You’ll also have enough time to make stops and take your time exploring. Depending on the day, starting early might also save you from traffic jams.

Stay hydrated and energized

In summer, the heat can be intense; so have your water with you and use sun protection, especially when you are outside. Walking around, tasting wines, and climbing castles takes its toll. Keep your favorite snack on hand to stay energized while exploring.

Prep for tolls and border crossings when driving

If you’re driving yourself, the route mainly follows the A2 in Portugal and the A-49 in Spain, both of which include toll roads. Keep change or a toll device handy. Check your rental car's insurance and breakdown coverage to ensure they're valid across borders.

There's still border control

Because Gibraltar is a British territory, it's not in the Schengen area, so you need to pass through customs and border control to enter. Have your passport ready, and be sure to check the border laws and policies before you arrive. Most transportation options can only take you to the border.

How to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar

There are several other ways than booking a ride with Daytrip to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar. Here is the list to help you decide how to make the trip.

Lisbon to Gibraltar by car

From Lisbon, take the A2 south towards the Algarve, then cross into Spain and continue on the A49 towards Seville. From Seville, take the AP-4 and A-381 to Gibraltar. You’ll be driving around six and a half hours without stopping. You’ll have the flexibility to stop whenever and wherever you want, but don’t forget to take care of tolls, your car rental’s cross-border policy, and parking in Gibraltar, since you likely won't be driving much in this tiny territory.

Lisbon to Gibraltar by bus

You can travel from Lisbon to Gibraltar by bus via companies like Flixbus. There are no direct routes, so you'll need to make at least one change, usually in Seville. It’s a cost-effective option, with tickets as low as $64, but takes around 10 to 12 hours, depending on the connection times. The bus will let you off at La Línea de la Concepción, the Spanish border, and you'll need to go through customs on foot.

Lisbon to Gibraltar by train

No direct train service exists from Lisbon to Gibraltar. You can take a train from Lisbon to Faro or Seville, then connect to a bus or another train to La Línea de la Concepción, the Spanish town bordering Gibraltar. It generally takes around 10-12 hours including transfers. Be careful and on time when managing the transfers, as usually there's only 1 or 2 a day. Like the bus, you'll need to go through border control on foot.

Lisbon to Gibraltar by plane

There are no direct flights from Lisbon to Gibraltar. You can fly from Lisbon to Malaga, then take a bus or a car to Gibraltar. Direct flights take around one hour, and the bus takes two hours. Buses run every two hours from 6:30 AM to 8:40 PM. After adding in the time getting to and fro the airport, and the 2 hours for check-in and security, it's still the fastest mode of travel if you time your arrival in Malaga perfectly.

Lisbon to Gibraltar by private car service

If all those changes and transfers sound scary, don't worry! There is a direct option: a private car service. The most comfortable and convenient way to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar, Daytrip will bring you from your accommodation in Lisbon to the Gibraltar border. The drive takes around seven hours, realistically making it the fastest option. But with the beauty of the route, we guarantee that it’ll feel shorter. And unlike on the bus, train, or plane, you can stop to stretch your legs or get a bite to eat!

Things to do when you get to Gibraltar

Once you finally get from Lisbon to Gibraltar, you’ll need to make a to-do list to get to know this one-of-a-kind city. To get you started, here are some of the best things to do when you get to Gibraltar.

Explore the Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is the obvious star of the show. Around 40% of the 426-meter-high (1,398 ft) promontory is a nature reserve where you can hike to spot a colony of Barbary macaques. Digging deeper, you can tour the network of siege tunnels and batteries that made the Rock of Gibraltar the world's mightiest fortress. Deeper still, the Gorham Caves UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the last Neanderthal habitation sites in Europe.

Climb up to Europa Point Lighthouse

The Europa Point Lighthouse is situated at Gibraltar’s southernmost tip, which means it is blessed with breathtaking views where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. It stands against the backdrop of the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coastline. The surroundings of Europa are full of calm gardens and walking paths. Don't miss the nearby Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque and the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe to get to know more about Gibraltar’s cultural heritage.

Go dolphin-watching

Get ready for the happiest you’ll be at the sea! Gibraltar's location at the confluence of two major seas makes it an ideal spot for dolphin watching. There are many tours you can choose from that operate from the marina. Who wouldn’t want some close encounters with these wonderful animals? Plus, the Bay of Gibraltar is home to several dolphin species, including the Common, Striped, and Bottlenose dolphins. These excursions are eco-friendly and do not harm or disturb the dolphins.

Dive into the melting pot of cuisines

The range of cuisines you can try in Gibraltar is as diverse as its culture, blending British, Mediterranean, and Moroccan tastes. Walk around Main Street and its surroundings to try local specialties such as Valentina, a traditional chickpea flour bread, and Rosto, a Gibraltarian pasta dish. For a taste of the sea, visit one of the marina's restaurants such as Biancas to enjoy freshly caught seafood while watching the yachts and waters beyond.

When is the best time to visit Gibraltar

The best time to plan your trip from Lisbon to Gibraltar is from May to October. The Mediterranean climate in Gibraltar means temperatures in the 70s, peaking at 83° F (29° C) in July and August. Gibraltar sees the highest number of visitors in August, so come in the shoulder seasons for perfect weather and fewer crowds. The slightly lower temperatures make hiking and outdoor activities much more pleasant.

Gibraltar also makes a nice winter getaway since the temperatures are almost always above 10 degrees, and prices are usually lower in the off season. Check here to stay updated about the weather forecast of Gibraltar.

Questions & Answers about Traveling from Lisbon to Gibraltar BORDER

The only direct way to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar is by rental car or private car service. You can also take a bus with changes, or a combination of train and several bus connections. There are no direct flights from Lisbon to Gibraltar. You can fly from Lisbon to Malaga and then take a bus to Gibraltar.
It takes around six and a half hours to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar by car or private car service. A plane to Malaga and then a bus transfer takes around the same amount of time. Taking a bus with several changes or combining train and bus services will take 10 to 12 hours.
The best way to get from Lisbon to Gibraltar is by booking a door-to-door private car service with Daytrip. It's the only direct transportation option, saving you the hassle of carrying your luggage around and trying to catch connections. Even better, you can chat with your English-speaking driver about local culture, and stop for sightseeing along the way!

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