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Walk the streets of an ancient Roman city that was frozen in time 2000 years ago by the violent eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.


In 79 AD, waves of volcanic runoff and ash buried Pompeii, one of Ancient Rome’s most active and splendid cities. The speed and magnitude of the event left the city frozen in time, preserved as it was. Excavations of the ancient metropolis have revealed some of the most significant insights into Roman art, customs, trades, and the brick-a-brack of everyday life. Walking the 2000-year-old streets reveals a wealth of architectural styles. Pompeii didn’t segregate its neighborhoods based on income, so you'll find affordable apartments are next to lavish villas. The city’s best-preserved home is the House of the Vetti, where you can admire richly frescoed entertainment rooms, and a central courtyard where a pool is surrounded by a formal garden. The city enjoyed an abundance of water, and used an aqueduct-fed reservoir to supply everything from public fountains to a street-cleaning system. Tickets are not included and often sell out, so we strongly recommend booking yours in advance at


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