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Private car transfer
from Santiago to Valparaiso

  • Door-to-door in 1 h 30 min
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Your driver will meet you at your address in Santiago.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage


You’ll travel in comfort for 1 h 30 min.

  • Optional sight-seeing
  • Clean, comfortable car
  • Professional driver
  • Bottled water
  • Child seats
  • Prepared for handicapped
  • Smoke-free
  • Pet friendly


Your driver will drop you off at your address in Valparaiso.

  • Door-to-door service
  • Help with your luggage
In total
  • 116 km
  • 1 h 30 min

Visit these sights on the way

Overview: car trip from Santiago to Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a unique, bright, and colorful city on the Pacific coast that houses one of the most important ports in Chile. Valpo, as locals call it, is known for its vibrant, bohemian atmosphere enriched with street art and murals, which you can appreciate as you weave through the maze of narrow streets that go up and down the steep hills. The distance from Santiago to Valparaiso is relatively short, making it the perfect destination if you are seeking an escape from the city buzz.

There is no better way to reach Valparaiso than by using a private car service like Daytrip. This service will take you on a journey as colorful as the pastel-colored buildings that dot the city’s hills. With Daytrip, your Santiago to Valparaiso transfer will be seamless, as our drivers prioritize your comfort and flexibility.

You can personalize your trip and make stops at any points of interest along the way. Some noteworthy spots include Parque Tricao, which is the largest aviary in Latin America, and the famous Viña del Mar, known for its seaside charm.

About Valparaiso

Valparaiso was inhabited by the indigenous tribe Changos until the Spanish conquistador Juan de Saavedra founded the city in 1536. He named the city after his hometown, Valle del Paraíso, which is the origin of the name we know today. In the 16th century, the port was being developed, although the city also experienced many pirate attacks.

The city gained its independence in 1818. Valparaiso started to expand, and its maritime trade flourished. However, in 1822, the city was hit by an 8.5-magnitude earthquake, which also caused a tsunami.

Unfortunately, over the years, Valparaiso has experienced many earthquakes, with some of the most devastating ones occurring in 1906, 1985, and 2010. These earthquakes raised the building standards, as now constructions are seismic-resistant, thus lowering the potential damage.

The city's tough history has shaped Valparaiso the way it is today. Now, it is mainly known for the street art and creativity that spark as you explore its winding streets, as well as the Bohemian culture. Valparaiso is also renowned for being home to the famous poet Pablo Neruda, and you can even visit his house, which is now a museum where you can learn more about his life and art.

It is estimated that Valparaiso was built on 42 hills, although the exact number of hills is not known. As a result of that, Valparaiso has a network of rustic funiculars which are elevators that take you up the hill in case you do not feel like hiking all day as you explore the city. It is also a great way to soak in the views from above of this colorful and artistic city.

From Santiago to Valparaiso: travel tips

Make sure nothing ruins your trip from Santiago to Valparaiso by keeping in mind these travel tips:

Be prepared for lots of walking

The best way to explore the narrow streets and climb and descend the hills and stairs is by walking (or taking a funicular), so make sure you bring your best pair of walking shoes. They will make your whole experience much more pleasant, as you won’t have to worry about climbing yet another hill.

Keep an eye on your belongings

Valparaiso is a unique destination known for its rich culture and history. However, the risk of crime is relatively high, even in tourist areas. It is advisable to dress modestly and avoid wearing expensive accessories that may attract thieves. While it is recommended not to leave your accommodation as the night sets, you should still be vigilant during the day.

How to get from Santiago to Valparaiso

The Santiago to Valparaíso transfer spans just 72 miles (116 km), ensuring a relatively quick journey. While transportation options are limited due to the short distance, there used to be a scenic direct train from Santiago to Valparaiso, but it was discontinued. However, a new train project has begun that will connect the two cities; it should be finished by 2030.

Here are the two main ways to reach the magical Valparaiso:

From Santiago to Valparaiso by bus

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option to reach Valparaiso, opt for a bus. Several bus companies offer the route from Santiago to Valparaiso:

  • Condor: the ticket prices start from around $3 (CLP$2900), and the journey takes around 2 hours. You can also opt for more comfortable reclinable seats.
  • Pullman Bus: a famous Chilean bus company with the lowest ticket prices starting from around $6 (CLP$6000). The estimated travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Buses from both companies take off several times a day, so check their timetables to find a bus that fits your plans!

From Santiago to Valparaiso by private car service

The most convenient way to travel to Valparaiso is by securing a private car service, like Daytrip, which will take you to Valparaiso in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. You will be greeted by a local, knowledgeable driver who will load your luggage, share some insider tips, and take you on an unforgettable journey. With Daytrip, you have the freedom to make your trip unique, as you can personalize it with stops along the way.

Do you want to explore the beauty of Chilean nature? Parque Tricao awaits you with its fascinating views, diverse exotic bird species, and botanical gardens that connect you with nature. If you want to explore Chilean wine culture, add Vina Santa Rita to your itinerary and immerse yourself in the expansive vineyards! End your day at the coast of Viña del Mar with a breathtaking sunset before finally reaching Valparaiso.

Things to do when you get to Valparaiso

Once you hop off the Daytrip’s car after your journey from Santiago to Valparaiso, it is finally time to explore the charming city. There are many things to choose from: museums, delicious cuisine, and even penguin watching, which is especially a great plan if you travel with kids.

Valparaiso is also a departure point for cruises to Antarctica from the cruise terminal, so there's no shortage of choices!

Explore the historic quarter

The city’s uniqueness has not gone unnoticed, as, in 2003, the historic quarter of Valparaiso was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is known for its colorful buildings that cover the steep hills, vibrant street art, vintage funiculars, and historic buildings, such as the oldest church in the city. The best way to explore the charm of the historic quarter is by wandering around, so be prepared for many surprises!

Learn about Pablo Neruda

While in Valparaiso, you must visit La Sebastiana, the home of the poet Pablo Neruda, which has now turned into a museum. He was born in Parral and later lived in Santiago but then wanted to find a small house in Valparaiso where he could live a calm life and write his poetry.

He particularly liked to spend New Year there, as he could admire the fireworks. During your visit, you will explore the five floors filled with art, photographs, decor, and so much more. You can also opt for an audio guide tour to learn more about the poet.

Take a boat tour

After exploring the charming Valparaiso, do not hesitate to go on a day trip or a boat tour to explore more of the Chilean coastline. There are so many tour options to choose from: you can visit Viña del Mar (in case you did not visit it as a part of your itinerary when traveling with Daytrip), go penguin watching to Isla Cachagua as you are picked up from the cruise terminal, or go on a whale and dolphin watching boat tour.

Taste the Valpo cuisine

The cuisine in Valparaiso is known for its maritime influence, so you can expect dishes with seafood. Here are two culinary delights you cannot miss (if you don’t mind seafood):

  • Caldo de mariscos: a delicious seafood soup that contains a variety of ingredients, typically clams and shrimps. If you enjoy both seafood and soup, this dish is perfect for you! The specific ingredients in the soup may vary depending on what's available, but it's always approved by seafood lovers.
  • Empanadas de mariscos: like in any Latin American country, you should try the local street food, and Valparaiso is not an exception. These seafood empanadas are very popular in Valparaiso.

When is the best time to visit Valparaiso

Valparaiso is located by the Pacific Ocean, making it a great destination all year round. However, if you visit in spring (September to November) or fall (March to May), you will avoid crowds and enjoy lower prices.

If you plan to escape the winter in your country and visit Chile from December to March, be prepared for crowds. This is the summer season when many Chileans go on vacation to the coast.

In spring and fall, the temperatures range from 52°F to 68°F (11-20°C), whereas if you decide to travel in winter, the temperatures usually range from 47°F to 60°F (8-15°C).

Questions & Answers about Traveling from Santiago to Valparaiso

As the distance from Santiago to Valparaiso is not that long, there are just a few options for getting from one to the other: by bus, taxi, or private car service. Taxis are generally expensive, so it is not the recommended mode of transportation.
Valparaiso is definitely worth visiting. It is a unique, artistic, and Bohemian city like no other in Chile. The city is steeped in century-long history, colorful street art, and so much more.
Both cities have many things to offer, but it mainly depends on your itinerary. If your time in Chile is limited, it will be easier to reach other parts of the country from Santiago, although it usually takes around two to three days to fully explore Valparaiso. Conversely, if you are looking for a more laid-back atmosphere, it is better to stay in Valparaiso.
The best and most convenient way to reach Valparaiso is by using a private car service like Daytrip. With this option, you won't have to worry about getting to your destination on time because your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at a time that suits you best. As you make your way to Valparaiso, you will also be able to make sightseeing stops along the way that you can personalize before your ride.
Although it is suggested that you stay in Valparaiso for at least two to three days, you can definitely go on a day trip. The city is not that far from Santiago, just a one-hour and 30-minute ride away if you travel by car (for example, Daytrip private car service).
The cheapest way to travel from Santiago to Valparaiso is by bus, as the lowest ticket prices can be purchased for around $3 (CLP$2900). Buses from Santiago to Valparaiso depart several times a day, so it is easy to find a bus that accommodates to your itinerary.

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